Thursday, December 18, 2008

bosan #2

1.Spell your name as it sounds.
Nur Zu/li/a/na Iz/yan bin/ti Zol/kal/ple

2.Are you available?

lalalala~ xmo jawab buley? next!~

3.Current song you'r listening to?
shayne ward's

4.Favorite color?
da penah jawab ni.. hoho.. ini kaler!


1.Have you been to oversea?
can pulau pinang called oversea.. ;p

2.Have you ever gone fishing?
nope.. sbb saya suke bising.. haha

3.Have you ever seen a celebrity?
penah la... erra tu cousin saye jek... ;)

4.Have you ever been on a motorcycle?
yup! i have

1.How much money do you have on you right now?
banyaaak sgt.. ckp je brapa kamu nk.. saya bg cash! haha ;p

2.How many jobs have you had?
byk.. tp duit xmasuk.. iskisk..

3.How tall are you?
tinggi tiang lampu.. haha.. tipuu gilaak ;p


1.Last person to call you?
mls nk tgk call reg.. huhu

2.Last thing you yelled out loud?
selamat paagii sume! hahaha :D

3.Last person you were in a car with?
kawan2 picnic ku..haha.. gilaak lama..

4.When's the last time you ate McDonald's?
aritu.. mase picnic.. prosperity lagi.. huhu

5.The last thing you bought the thing u really love right now?
arr..... hmm??

6.Last person you saw?
adik ku :)

7.Last time you cried?
i'm strong enough rite now..=)

8.Last time you laughed?
haha.. mase mncarot dgn best buddy saya :)))


1.What is the temperature outside?
mlm.. mst la sjuk kn...tapi... nk kne measure ke? haha ;p

2.What time did you wake up?

1.Do you have a best friend?
i do :)))

2.What did you do two days ago?
chatting, makan, watching zettai kareshi, reading comic, msg-ing & bla3.. too much la..

3.Is your birthday coming up?
oh, 10 months left.. haha

4.Where were you at 3:02 AM this morning?
atas katilll

5.what makes u happy?
someone's smile n my family..=)))

6. what others call you?
dzuly, budak chumel (muahaha), jue

7.What do you dislike at the moment?
someone. yg suke nyebok hal org!

8.What did you dream about last night?
not so sure..

9. what was the last tv program u watched?
santa baby :)

10. what is your favourite piece of jewelerry?
rasie.. ;p

11.aAre you on medicaton?

12.Have you ever cut your own hair?
haha.. xpenah.. saya syg rambut saye.. :)

13. what is your favourite frozen treat?
vanilla ice cream categorized in dat..=)

14.Where's your favorite place to be?
home sweet home..=)

15.Who was your last text from?
er.. dell kot.. tny psl gmba.. huhu

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